Product information „Primer – 15ml“

Primer (adhesion primer) in a small 15ml pump spray bottle (sufficient for about 40 letters/numbers)

The primer is an adhesion primer which optimizes the adhesive effect of the tire stickers. It prepares the tyre surface optimally for the sticking.

IMPORTANT: The primer must ONLY be sprayed on the tire surface. Cover rims or other car parts!

The “primer” must be shaken well before use and applied evenly to the surfaces. The surface must be completely wetted. The surface must be dry and free from dust, oil, release agents and other contaminants. If necessary, we recommend cleaning the surface with material-compatible solvents such as our recommended cleaner “Tire Cleaner” and/or roughening it slightly with sandpaper (in extreme cases). The exhaust air time depends on temperature, humidity and air circulation as well as the porosity of the surfaces. When the solvent in the “Primer” has completely evaporated (usually 3 to 5 minutes after applying the primer), the tire sticker can be applied. The sticker should be applied within one hour after the application of the primer. The recommended application temperature for the primer and material is between 15°C and 25°C. Detailed written instructions are included with each order. Excess primer requires a longer exhaust air time or drying. Before bonding, make sure that the primer is no longer damp.

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